Trunk Shield

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Fits Model X 6-seater until 2020 (old Model)

The problem:

When the Model X as a 6-seater, in which the third row of seats is folded, creates a large gap between the seats of the second row, through which luggage can slip forward into the interior.
This represents a comfort and potential security risk.
Apart from that, the hole does not look very attractive.

The solution:
This luggage compartment separation is exactly what you have been missing.
Trunk Shield is a reliable protection against slipping luggage.
Trunk Shield is optically exactly aligned with the interior of the Model X.
Trunk Shield is easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds.
Trunk Shield weighs only 5.3kg and fits under the trunk floor as well as behind the 3rd row of seats.
Trunk Shield does not need a tool. It is simply locked with stainless steel fittings from the boat in the standard lashing eyes.
Trunk Shield barely restricts the trunk volume of the Model X and gives you full freedom of movement in the middle row.
Trunk Shield is made of high quality multiplex in Germany.


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