OBD2 Adapter for scanmytesla Model S/X Facelift

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OBD2 adapter cable for reading the battery of the Model S and X e.g. with the App ScanMyTesla.

This is the new connector which was used for the Facelift models from 09/2015 or VIN bigger than P70000.

Please check before buying, because you can never be sure when Tesla has installed the new connector.

To be able to read out the data you need an OBD2 dongle.

We recommend the OBDLink LX (green) for Android devices.

For iOS devices the OBDLink MX+ (black) is necessary.
The green adapter does not work with iOS!

The diagnostic port in the Tesla Model S and X is located under the MCU. To connect the adapter cable, the storage compartment must be removed by pressing it down firmly.

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