Rent a 30kW DC CCS/Chademo Fast Charger

please contact us per mail

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Many electric vehicles can only be charged with max. 11kW AC.

We have a mobile solution that can charge up to 30kW DC on 63A CEE or up to 22kW DC on 32A CEE.
The DC charger is ideal for events such as ecoGP, trade shows with test drives, for companies that want to quickly recharge their vehicles, etc.

The cable length from charger to vehicle plug is 5 meters.
CCS and Chademo is possible.
The charger has a 63A CEE connection, an adapter cable for reduction to 32A CEE is available.

Please contact us by mail before reservation.
The indicated prices always refer to a continuous rental for the selected period.

The charger and the required cables must be picked up and returned to us on site in 93449 Waldmünchen.
If it is rented for an event and we ourselves are also on site, the charger can possibly also be brought by us.
Upon pickup, an explanation of the charger and a function test (preferably directly on their vehicle).

Upon return, the device and accessories will be checked by us.

The charger must not get wet and must be protected from rain and moisture when used outdoors. When not in use, the charger and accessories must be stored indoors in a dry place.

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