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The problem:
With the Model X as a 6-seater, passengers in the third row of seats have the opportunity to comfortably stretch their legs in the middle.
For the middle individual seats missing the center armrest. In addition, there are no storage options outside the cup holder in the second row. These can not be cooled.

The solution:
This center console is exactly what you have been missing here.
Center Lounge is a comfortable armrest for the passengers in the middle row of seats.
Center Lounge has a large drinks cooler that can be cooled by the air conditioner.
Center Lounge has a storage compartment in DIN A4 format for magazines or other items.
Center Lounge gives you full freedom of movement in the third row.
Center Lounge is visually aligned with the interior of the Model X.
Center Lounge is easy to assemble and disassemble. The weight is 12.5kg.
Center Lounge is made of high quality materials in Germany.


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