Repair Onboard Charger Ladegerät Phase Master / Slave 11kW / 22kW Lader - Pre-Facelift Model S

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You can no longer charge your Pre-Facelift Model S with full 11kW or 22kW? The onboard charger, i.e. the AC charger of the Tesla can be repaired!

Please note: At the moment we can only repair Generation2 Onboard Charger, which are installed in Pre-Facelift Model S.

If one or more phases of the charger fail, it can happen that only with a maximum of 6km per hour can be charged with AC. Possibly not even at a Schuko socket.

The mentioned price refers to the repair of one phase, in case of defect of several phases an extra charge will be made.

At Tesla you get a new charger, which costs about 3100 Euro with installation. If a double charger (22kW) is installed and there is a defect in both chargers, the costs almost double.

We offer you a cheaper and more economical repair.

The two chargers are located under the rear seat, which means that the rear seat including the grille underneath and the backrest must be removed.

With us you get the complete package and can drive home the same day.

We give 6 months warranty on our repair.

Additional product information

Ausführung Master (11 kW)
Defekt 1 Phase

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