Trunk Organizer with lid

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The Trunk Organizer for your Model S
Not combinable with integrated child seats!
Tidy up in the box underneath the lid in your trunk. With only a few steps you can insert the organizer into the trunk. You can create small compartments that suit your personal needs. You don’t even need tools to convert your trunk like this.
The factory-fitted lid in the trunk will not be needed any more. With the trunk organizer you will receive a new lid which is made from laminated wood and has a carpet on top. This means the products integrates seemlessly into your Model S.
You may leave the lid open and devide the whole trunk into two sections.
The hinges are loaded with strong springs so the lid will stay securely open even at maximum acceleration.
No rattling - no getting out of shape… The lid will stay in the right position all the time.
All visible edges and surfaces are painted matte black. All parts are made from laminated wood. The parts are being precision-crafted by a CNC robot ensuring perfect fit at all times.


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