Sun visors extension Model S

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The ideal complement for the sun visor in the Model S.

As the sun visors are relatively narrow as standard, drivers with a height of less than 170cm have the problem that even with the sun visor folded down, there is no protection against glare when the sun is low in the sky, and driving becomes unpleasant or dangerous even with autopilot.

The clip-on sun visor has a plastic carrier plate and is covered with Alcantara to match the roof lining.

The sun visor is simply pushed over at the side by means of an insertion pocket and fixed firmly on the other side with a Velcro strip.

It can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue.

Practically, a tab for a ballpoint pen is also integrated.

The sun visor can also be clicked out in the middle and adjusted to the side as usual.

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