OBD2 Adapter for scanmytesla Model 3 / Y 26-pin

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26-pin OBD2 adapter cable for reading the battery of the Model 3 and Model Y e.g. with the App ScanMyTesla.

This connector fits Model 3 after January 2019 and all Model Y.

To be able to read out the data you need an OBD2 dongle.

We recommend the OBDLink LX (green) for Android devices.

For iOS devices the OBDLink MX+ (black) is necessary.
The green adapter does not work with iOS!

Important: To install the adapter cable, the vehicle must be switched off or the HV loop and 12V must be disconnected.
Switching off the vehicle via the display:
In order for the vehicle to switch off completely, no sensors must be operated (doors, seats, pedals). It takes a moment and then you can clearly hear the HV contactor clicking. Only then may the CANBUS be disconnected and the adapter cable inserted. If there is no clicking audible, the HV loop (right under the rear seat bench) and 12V must be disconnected.
To install the cable, the cover of the center console below the ventilation nozzles in the rear footwell must be removed (it is only clipped on).

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