Privacy screen for the trunk

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Trunk Screen for your Model S. Nicely designed and of high usability. Installation in only 5 minutes.

The fixing ledgers left and right are being tightly attached to the trunk's side panels by strong magnets. The screen can be easily removed and reinserted in only one action when the rear set back rest is folded down.

The ledgers provide optional mounting of auxiliary trunk lamps. The lamps come with on/off switch and movement detector. You can also remove the lamps easily and use them as flash lights. Please order the lamps as an option with the screen in our shop.

The ledgers can be removed and reattached any time.

The screen and the ledgers can be removed from the car without leaving any traces.

The closed screen reduces driving noises inside the car. You can also store light objects on the screen.

The scrren's handle bar is adapted to the curved design of the trunk lid making sure noone can look into the trunk once the screen is closed.

The screen has two positions: fully opened and fully closed.

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