Coat hook

Coat hook

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For TESLA Model S and X with premium seats (adjustable headrest):

Clothes hook for the second row

The ideal complement for your Model S or Model X with premium seats. The headband is simply hooked into the back of the seat and offers a ball mount on which a smartphone or tablet holder can be mounted (see Product Entertainment). Inclination and angle of rotation is arbitrarily adjustable and lockable.
Alternatively, there can also be z. B. a jacket can be hung.

In the upper part of the holder are two holes in which a hanger can be hung.
The height is chosen so that the garments do not normally rest on the footwell carpet.

The contact surfaces to the back of the seats are covered with sponge rubber, so that no damage to the rear seats can take place.

Diameter ball seat: 17mm

This is a 3D print.

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