Entertainment Model 3 and S/X from 2020

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Suitable for all Model 3 and Model S and X from the end of 2019.
Please note the picture for Model S and X.
For older models S and X click here.


Smartphone and tablet holder for the second row.

The 3D Print Holder has a ball mount that comes with a smartphone and tablet holder when shipped.
Inclination and angle of rotation can be adjusted and locked as desired.

The contact surface to the back of the seat is covered with a rubber pad, so that no damage to the rear seats can take place.

A must have for all kids in the second row!

For models S and X, the holder must be mounted outside the center, since there are webs in the middle on the inside of the backrest, the distance between the magnets would be larger and no secure hold can be guaranteed.

Ball seat: 17mm
Holder infinitely adjustable between 11,3cm and 21cm
This is a 3D print.


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