MCU1 eMMC Chip Repair 64GB Micron - 24h service - send us Tegra Board

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This price is valid for the delivery of the removed Tegra board and not for the complete MCU. In addition the transport costs after chip exchange back to the customer are added.

It is now known: sooner or later the MCU0 and MCU1 in the Model S and X will get the black screen.

All Model S and X produced up to and including February 2018 have the MCU1. This is the central computer of Tesla and is called the Media Control Unit.
The MCU0 and MCU1 have an 8 GB eMMC chip memory from Hynix, which is located on a circuit board in the MCU.

Unfortunately, these chips can only handle a limited number of writes. Most of the data is written to the eMMC chip by the MCU's operating system. Data and cache from Spotify, TuneIn, Google Maps and user profiles are stored on this chip. Each software update has approx. 1 GB and thus also describes a large part of the eMMC chip.

The longer the vehicle is used, the greater the likelihood that the data will no longer be written correctly over time. The result is that the data can no longer be read correctly. The MCU is slowing down and no longer working properly.

There are many ways in which a damaged eMMC chip can manifest itself.
- regular spontaneous system restarts
- Message in the dashboard: "Wait until the vehicle systems have started up"
- slow or no navigation
- Spotify and / or TuneIn hangers
- no mobile network
- no WiFi connection
- bad app connection

If your MCU shows symptoms like this, it is important to act on time!

Warranty from Tesla:
If your vehicle is still under the full warranty (less than 4 years or less than 80,000 km), in the event of a total failure of the MCU, it will be replaced by another MCU1.
If your vehicle no longer has a full warranty, the MCU or the Tegra board will be replaced. The Tesla guarantee is then 2 years or 25,000 km.

Update: Tesla now also offers Tegra boards. There are two versions: 8 GB Hynix (as originally installed) or 64 GB Micron (as we install)

Important innovation: If the eMMC chip has been exchanged for a third-party provider other than the two above and is upgraded to MCU2 at Tesla, you have to pay an extra fee of 1000 euros and thus buy the old MCU of the vehicle. The reason given is that the old MCU can no longer be used.

For appointments please send us a mail.

The duration of the repair is approx. 2 hours.
The boards will be returned within 24 hours of receipt (on weekdays, Mon-Fri) after prior arrangement.

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