Center console front

Center console front

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The center console fits perfectly without mounting into the vehicle compartment a. The small shelf under the monitor needs to be removed (easy removal of spring clips).

At the front of the console you will find a shelf for storing drink bottles. The shelf has two seperators allowing for a maximum of 3 bottles to be securely stored.

The middle part serves as a multi purpose storage tray. The optional cup holder or the ashtray can also be fitted here.

In the area under the hinged lid you can make optimal use of the space provided by inserting different storage modules.

In the normal console maximum of two inserts can be used.

In the bottom area is still nevertheless offers plenty of space for various things that you really do not need but it needs to have.

In the variant "deepened", the flap is set lower by 30mm, so that for example the smartphone -. If it is because on the cover - can not laterally fall into the footwell. In this version you can only use for use below (with subdivision or large cup).

In the rear area of ​​the plug-in connections of Tesla remain freely accessible and it can be also used as storage space for cables, etc. charge.

In the variant QI loaders in the flap located at the end of a 20 cm long USB cable that can be plugged directly into the USB outlet.

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Side Walls black
Lid Leather black
hight standard
seam black

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