Center console back - Part 1

Center console back - Part 1

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Center Console in back footwell

If combined with Part 2 or Part 3 the cupholder is not obligatory.

The cup holder can be ordered as an option for Part 1 - it is not included in Part 1.

The compartment in Part 1 provides space for several drink bottles in different sizes when the cup holer is not installed.

If combined with Part 3 the cup holer is included in Part 3 by default.

The console is aligns itself with the factory console in the back of the vehicle. Installation without screws. Can be removed in seconds.

Folding of backseat is fully funkctional with Part 1 installed.

Entertainment - there is one USB connector and one threaded connector per rear seat passenger. The threaded connectors can be used to mount goose-necks that come with integrated support for a tablet pc or a smartphone. The threaded connectors are by default integrated in every console. They can be made accessable on demand.

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